Monday, September 1, 2008

Nebraska Chapter Platform

This is the current platform of the Nebraska Chapter of the Modern Whig Party. This is subject to change as membership grows and members have the opportunity to voice the opinions during Chapter meetings.

Economic Distribution
The Nebraska Chapter desires for Nebraskans to be empowered and have the resources available to deal with the unique needs of Nebraska. Our needs are different than other States in the Union, but we desire to have a fair and balanced system to ensure our needs are being met. Pork-barrel projects is not an effective way to run government. Our proposal is that every state be given their budget to manage to meet the needs of citizens and utilize the Federal Government only for exceptional projects. This would incur fiscal responsibility on the State Government as they are closet to the public and able to evaluate needs.

Iraq and Afghanistan
Many of our members have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and have unique and practical qualifications to express the Modern Whig viewpoint. Iraq showed a devastating lack of planning and has been managed poorly up to this point. We differ from the National Party platform in we desire for the job to be accomplished in Iraq. Progress is finally being made. If we dedicate the appropriate resources, Iraq can be won and we can finally focus on winning Afghanistan. Iraqi officials should be key to our plan since we are supporting their government. When they feel they are ready to take on the mission of self-defense, it will be time to draw down forces in Iraq. We also feel it is time for Iraq to start paying for their redevelopment as record oil prices should be filling the national coffers.

Alternative Energy
We in the Nebraska Chapter feel it is time to find alternative ways to power America. We should approach this from two angles to effectively support the American people. First, oil companies should drill on land they already have rights too. There is no need to open up off-shore drilling until what is already leased is being utilized. We should also provide incentives for the development of alternative energy sources. Too much lip service is given to this immediate need of the American people. We in Nebraska have a number of resources available from wind power, methane gas, and ethanol to begin meeting the needs of Nebraskans. We call on the nation to follow suit.

National Security
We in Nebraska feel it is time to focus on domestic issues. We have spent too much money on foreign affairs and many people in Nebraska and our great nation are starving and out of work. It is time to pull back to an isolationist stance and develop our own National Defense strategy. We will not be the only hegemony forever, and it is time to act to insure we are defended by our own forces when the time comes instead of relaying on our unreliable allies.

We in Nebraska do not support illegal immigration. However, we feel there needs to be a more effective plan to deal with this problem. If immigrant want to become American, we applaud their decision. We propose that individuals who desire to truly become American defend the county either through civic or military service. They will be required to serve one term of enlistment (about four years) and will be eligible for the same benefits our soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines have. This will also provide them an opportunity to learn English (our National language) and learn new job skills. They will also have access to all of the education aid granted to service men and women such as the GI bill.

The Nebraska Chapter supports the two-state solution to this conflict. However, we support the National Modern Whig Party stance in refusing to support the creation of a terrorist state in Palestine. Israel is a stable democracy and should be treated and respected accordingly. We support Israel's right to defend itself from its enemies just as we support the US and our right to defend ourselves. True compromise from both sides is key, although Israel should be permitted to keep its major settlement blocks such as Gush Etzion and Ariel.

Separation of Church and State
We in Nebraska support separation of Church and State as was intended by our Founding Fathers. That is the government of the United States cannot dictate a National religion on the electorate. We feel too many judges are overstepping their authority legislating from the bench and removing that responsibility from the dually elected legislatures. All religious activities should be treated equally and none should be denied the opportunity to worship who, what, and how they choose.

Gay Rights
We in the Great State of Nebraska support States being allowed to rule on this issue. This is not a Federal issue as the Federal government should not be dictating who can and should be married. Each state should be allowed to define marriage, as states have done since the foundation of this country. Once all fifty states have ruled on the issue, the Federal government should only be involved in the issue of recognizing unions across state boundaries. Each state can determine the extended rights of homosexuals based on their own local values.

Health Care
It is time to re-evaluate Medicare and Medicaid. These two government programs are not meeting the needs of the people they are trying to serve and in their current configuration will bankrupt America. We however, do not support a National Health Care Plan as that is one step closer to Socialism and we support Democracy in the United States of America.

We in Nebraska wish for this to be dealt with as Gay Rights. Let the states decide for themselves on the issue. The federal government should not get involved or regulate such items as the less involvement by the government in the private lives of American citizens the better.

Affirmative Action
We in Nebraska support actions to eliminate Affirmative Action and replaced it with programs to teach and help individuals who are economically at risk. It is time for all in America to enjoy the American Dream without regard to gender or race.